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Outcome Reporting Bias in Trials

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  Oral presentation "A random walk through outcomes based research for healthcare"

23rd Cochrane Colloquium Vienna (2015)
  Rapid oral presentation: "How much study participant data is missing from our trials?

23rd Cochrane Colloquium Vienna (2015)
  Oral presentation "Multivariate meta-analysis of multiple correlated outcomes with individual participant data: how much do we gain?"  
  Oral presentation "Selective reporting in clinical trials - an examination of discrepancy rates in pre-specified and reported outcomes in articles submitted to The BMJ"

PhD Poster Day (2014)
  Outcome reporting bias in randomised controlled trials: an assessment using multivariate meta-analysis  

21st Cochrane Colloquium
Quebec (2013) 
  Systematic review of the empirical evidence of the selective reporting of analyses   

MRC HTMR showcase
(Liverpool 2011)
  Tools for identifying missing outcome data in systematic reviews

MRC HTMR launch
(Liverpool 2009)
  The impact of outcome reporting bias on systematic reviews
16th Cochrane Colloquium
Freiburg (2008) 
  Understanding the impact of outcome reporting bias in trials (the ORBIT study)   
16th Cochrane Colloquium
Frieburg (2008) 
  Systematic review of the empirical evidence of study publication bias and outcome reporting bias